Movement Halted on Lagos-Badagry Expressway as Lagosians protest Deplorable state of the Road.

Written by on May 20, 2019

Vehicular movement on Lagos Badagry expressway was at a halt earlier today over protests on the deplorable state of the international road.

Stakeholders who formed a coalition with a hashtag #fixbadagry road barricaded portions of the road to drive home their demand.

Strategic portions of the highway such as Badagry round about, Ijanikin, Agbara, iyana isashi, Okoko were all closed to vehicular movement.

Correspondent Mauho Hungbo who was on the train of the mass movement reports that security agents were on ground to prevent any outbreak of law and order.

The Lagos-Badagry expressway is not just like any other highway.

It is the highway that connects Nigeria to other West African countries through Benin Republic.

On economic importance, the Lagos Badagry expressway leads to two major land borders- Seme border and Owode-Apa land border, both of them said to be the highest revenue earning border posts in the country.

As important as this highway is, the road has suffered neglect both from the Lagos state and the federal government.

For about ten years, the road has been under expansion and rehabilitation but the work seems to have dragged on forever.

Many portions of the road are so bad and water logged that vehicles cannot pass through and those who dared pay the price.

Often, articulated vehicles including petrol tankers fall over and empty their goods on the road.

The stretch of the road from Agboju in Amuwo Odofin council area to Seme border in Badagry is regarded as the worst as motorists have to spent several hours on the road.

A coalition under the banner of Fix Badagry Road who staged the mass movement express regrett that the government of the day had not paid necessary attention to the plight of the common.

One of the conveners, who is the president Gunuvi Right Initiative of Nigeria, GRIN, Comrade. Seido Bokoh explained that the protest became necessary to darw government’s attention to the hardship experienced on the route daily.

On her part, the convener of Women Arise, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin noted that the government should not have waited this long before providing the citizenry with basic amenities.

Another protest leader, Mr. Bayo Sanyaolu appealed to the government to consider the suffering of the people by mobilizing contractors back to site.

Among other benefits, it is believed that tourism potential of the historic city of Badagry will receive a boost and new jobs will spring up if the road is rehabilitated.

COV/Mauho Hungbo

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